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Ergonomic Shoes

Ergonomic Shoes

Shoes and orthotics that support the foot, ankle and leg. Relief for flat feet, knee pain, etc.

Outdoor cross-country running in early sunrise concept for exercising, fitness and healthy lifestyle


Guides and tips for running, crossfit and other sports.  Section also covers general biomechanics.

Everyday Shoes

Everyday Shoes

Shoes for work, fashion and light activity. This category includes walking shoes and house shoes.


Sports Shoes

Shoes for running, crossfit and other sports. Category includes athletic insoles and sports products.

Men Brown Shoes on wooden background

Work Shoes

Office shoes, work boots, nurse clogs and more. This category also includes dress shoes for formal events.

Shoe Care

Shoe Care

This section covers shoe glues, shoe cleaning products, and more. It also includes how-to articles and shoe care tutorials. 

Foot health

Foot Health

Articles about foot, leg and body health. Covers taping and wrapping; running technique; corrective exercises. 


George P.H.

I’m the founder and editor of Shoethority.com. After a series of injuries, I understood the importance of footwear and foot care. Now I cover foot health and shoes with a team of doctors, writers and athletes!

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