Saucony Endorphin Shift


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General Impression

Initially, the sneakers forward bending design seemed uncomfortable until our testers tried the sneakers. It was comfortable with improved speeds thanks to the SPEEDROLL technology.

The color variations, including white/black red/blue, are attractive and suitable for all outdoor events and casual use.

The sneakers come in different sizes, with men and women getting 7-13,14 and 15 size options. You can choose a size that fits you well if you want to use the shoes for a long day.

Good cushioning makes the shoes feel soft, and our testers felt like they were walking in the clouds. The sneakers offer the comfort for recovery as well as engaging in long-distance running.

Runners in hot environments don’t have to worry about sweating feet as the shoe is perforated to allow air in and out, keeping you comfortable and fresh.

We recommend the Endorphin line if you are in the market for a sneaker that hugs your foot and provides a 3D comfort and a personalized fit.

Saucony Endorphin Shift Pros and Cons


  • A large amount of depreciation to help with better grip
  • Uses the SPEEDROLL technology for an effortless and forward feel
  • The top is perfectly breathable to keep the feet fresh
  • True to size so you can order your usual size from the chart
  • Stable sole to prevent injuries


  • Firm and not flexible
  • Excessively high stack height
  • Insufficient grip
  • Expensive but worth the purchase

Saucony Endorphin Shift Review

Saucony Endorphin Shift sneakers are a product of the Endorfin Family.

The sneakers are made to assist you in everyday workouts. Endorfin Line cushioned the sneakers for long-distance and recovery runners, providing comfort to feel run faster and recover quicker.

Saucony Endorphin Shift sneakers are good for runners with mild overpronation because of their width and stability. Our testers found them useful on most roads.


The upper side of the sneakers has zigzag knits and patterns that improve the looks making the sneakers good as running shoes as well as casual wear.

The lacing system lets you slide in your foot and adjust for a snug fit. Our testers found them better than the laceless sneakers that come off easily.

The sneaker’s iconic slanting sole design has distinguished them from others on the market with a flat sole.

You’ll always look unique when running.

The rigid plastic outer backing comes from thermal polyurethane (TPU) materials that make the shoe high-performance footwear.

Our testers never felt a heel shift through a two-hour practice session in the plains, which met our expectations.

Saucony engineered the sneaker with a sandwich-mesh to allow breathability through your long-distance runs.

Even those who fear hot summers can use the sneakers throughout the day.

You are sure that the shoes will take you through years of miles.


The sneakers’ soles are designed using Saucony’s SPEEDROLL technology that rolls forward. The technology propels you ahead to run fast without laboring.

The abundant PWRRUN is the newest foam that Saucony uses to assist you in achieving a soft landing and help you achieve comfort, bounciness, and efficiency.

If you are engaging in long workouts and recovery runs, the shoes are ideal for you.

The toe section is elastic and soft to relieve Achilles and calf muscle pain.

It’s quite different from the usual stiff sneakers that leave you in pain.

Our testers took them out for testing over hours and enjoyed a painless training.

The Endorphin Shift sole provides a high stack height of 35mm in the heel and 31mm in the forefoot.

The two measurements combined allow you a soft run for extended hours.

Our testers liked the heel part of the midsole covered with a divided protective pad with support grooves descending diagonally.

This design enabled them to run longer without worrying about wear or tear.

A deep separating groove goes to the toe part, turning into a pronounced bend of the SPEEDROLL toe.

Saucony Endorphin Shift


Our Score

Why this product?

Endorphin kept the rubber sole similar to the other models of the Endorphin collection – XT-900, which offers grip and high wear resistance.

They added more cushioning to differentiate the sneaker from the rest in the Endorphin line.

Endorphin sole has two foam densities: A very soft foam runs from the heel to the midfoot.

From the midfoot to the forefoot, the sole hardens and becomes heavier. This lets you enjoy more benefits, whether running or recovering from an injury.

Some of our heavy weight testers noted that the density variation kept the sneakers even when supporting their heavy weight. They felt extra energy in their feet while running.

Saucony Endorphin Shift


Our Score

Why this product?


The Saucony Endorphin Shift from the Endorphin line is a high-cushion sneaker that fits daily trainers. It’s perfect for speed and gives tons of cushion to keep your feet comfortable during long or recovery runs.

The sneaker is versatile and comes in eight color variations with a sizing chart, so you’ll find a fitting sneaker for your daily run. We noted that the sneaker is pricy but offers value for money.

Our trainers liked the extra comfort for use over long hours without feeling the pain. If you are experiencing mild overpronation, Saucony Endorphin Shift is your sneaker.