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At the time of their release, the Endorphin Pros were Saucony’s fastest carbon-plated shoes.

Saucony developed them for two years. And three American marathon runners ran about 5000 miles to test the prototypes.

The shoes were designed and tested to give runners a competitive advantage. They are a great fit for people who want highly responsive shoes for speed sessions and race days.

Let’s look at the Endorphin Pros and find out what makes them improve people’s run times.

Saucony Endorphin Pro Pros and Cons


  • Balanced high-performance midsole
  • Stable and consistent enough to hold a fast pace
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Suitable for long-distance running
  • Great for intensive training


  • Prone to heel slippage
  • The shoes become unstable when the sole flattens


The Endorphin Pros feature Saucony’s signature Formfit technology. It’s an exclusive 3D approach that uses an underfoot cradle construction to provide a personalized fit.

In simpler terms, the tech features a lightweight overlay wrap that cradles the foot comfortably.

The lacing system and cushioning will also adapt to the shape of your foot.
Our testers liked how their feet felt firmly in place without feeling restricted as they ran.

The mesh on the upper is lightweight and breathable. Thanks to the ventilation, the shoes won’t retain moisture from sweat or rain.

We like that there are almost no seams inside the shoe. These high-mileage trainers won’t cause chafing or hot spots during a race or intensive workout.

The sneakers have a few printed overlays to add structure to the upper. Saucony also gusseted the tongue to keep it from moving around or bunching up while running.

Overall, we like the feel and stretch of the flexible upper.


The Endorphin Pros feature Saucony’s PWRRUN PB. This premier cushioning material is a lightweight foam the brand reserves for their performance-level shoes. It was developed after years of research to balance high bounciness and durability.

PWRRUN PB is impact tested to ensure runners get the best energy return from the shoes. According to Saucony, it offers an 88% energy return. It provides a responsive running experience, and its low density keeps down the weight of the sneakers.

We took the Pros out for a spin to test the cushioning. Our testers consistently enjoyed a soft ride across different temperatures. The sneakers didn’t feel rigid even in the cold, and the energy return was remarkable.

The cushioning foam is more durable than other PEBA-based materials on the market. It also maintains its exceptional properties over time. We are confident that you can use these shoes for a while and put some good miles on them.

Saucony’s Endorphin Pros wouldn’t be top-tier race shoes without the S-Curve carbon plate. This full-length plate is embedded in the midsole cushioning. It’s the main tech behind the performance boost you get when wearing the shoes.

The lightweight carbon plate stores energy generated when the heel strikes the ground. It then releases the energy back to you at toe-off, giving you a boost. There’s even research that shows the impact this performance-defining technology has on running.

Saucony Endorphin Pro


Our Score

Why this product?

Our testers confirmed that they could run faster and jump farther with less effort.

The carbon plate gave the shoes a spring-like feel, and they didn’t experience any muscle fatigue on long distances.

From the reviews we read, one person claimed that their half-marathon reps felt nearly effortless.

Our workouts were also faster than expected. Additionally, the tech has the potential to reduce certain running injuries. Carbon-plated shoes lessen the impact on the ankles, knees, and hips.

The third advanced footwear tech in the Pros is Saucony’s revolutionary SpeedRoll technology. The SpeedRoll’s defining features are the elevated cushioning and the stiff forefoot. This design is meant to propel runners forward, making them run faster. Our testers enjoyed a smooth and quick ride with continuous momentum.

Saucony used the XT-900 carbon rubber outsole for these shoes. They are durable with high wear properties. We had no slippage concerns because the outsoles offered plenty of traction. However, we advise that you take extra care when running on wet roads.

Testing the Endorphin Pros was fun because of the PWRRUN PB, S-Curve carbon plate, and Speed roll technologies. The combination of these three features guarantees speed with powerful transitions and effortless performance.


We liked the breathable mesh construction. However, the downside to having a thin mesh upper is that your feet can feel cold when it’s chilly.

Some of our testers were concerned about the durability of the upper’s single-layer mesh. But since the Endorphin Pros are competitive running shoes, it’s highly unlikely that you will wear them every day. You won’t replace them frequently unless you take part in many races.

There were contradicting reviews about the upper because the shoes don’t have a traditional heel design. The absence of a heel counter made some runners feel like it lacked support.


The Pro’s heel design helps reduce friction around the Achilles tendon, but it can also cause heel slippage. Our testers were able to resolve this issue with heel lock lacing. You can try the same if you have narrow feet and you’re experiencing the same problem. The lacing technique is great for blister prevention and keeping your feet in position.

Not many speed-oriented shoes have a removable sock liner. So we liked that one can remove the Endorphin Pro insoles and put custom inserts.

The weight of the shoes surprised us. We thought they’d be heavy, given their noticeable stack height, but we found them pleasantly lightweight. It was nice to run in bouncy well-cushioned shoes without unnecessary weight.

After several hours of testing, we found the Endorphin Pros suitable for road running and light trails. They don’t have enough protective features and ankle support for technical trails.

Saucony Endorphin Pro


Our Score

Why this product?


The Endorphin Pros provide high-mileage comfort without sacrificing speed. They are for runners of all levels looking to go as fast as possible.

Buy if you’re looking for speed-oriented shoes with excellent cushioning and exceptional energy return.