Puma RS Dreamer


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General Impression

The Puma RS Dreamer was the brainchild of rapper J. Cole, who was on the quest to design the perfect pair of dependable and stylish basketball sneakers.

With its striking design and vibrant colourways, the Puma RS Dreamer is not only an iconic silhouette on the basketball court but also in the pages of fashion magazines.

If you’re considering buying a pair, this Puma RS Dreamer review will tell you everything you need to know, including how these shoes actually deliver on the court.


  • An iconic design that is easily recognisable either on the street or on the court
  • The feathered pattern outsole provides excellent traction, especially on slippery surfaces
  • The dynamic lacing system offers a snug fit for the foot while still providing stability
  • The perforated textile upper allows feet to breathe, limiting heat build-up inside the shoes
  • Aside from the ankle collar, there is no break-in period required – you can wear these basketball shoes straight out of the box


  • The padding on the RS Dreamers needs improvement. The cushion lacks impact protection and can be a little uncomfortable as a result
  • At almost 500g, the Puma RS Dreamer is quite heavy

Puma RS Dreamer Style

No matter which way you look at it, J. Cole and Puma have created a seriously cool pair of kicks with the RS Dreamers.

The materials and colourways keep these basketball shoes looking chic and current, while still celebrating classic 90s style design.

Puma RS Dreamer Upper

The upper of this basketball shoe is made from textile mesh with smaller suede inserts to reinforce stress points.

The perforated mesh allows air to circulate through the shoes, helping to keep your feet cool.

One great feature of the RS Dreamers is the horizontal cord which runs along one end of the midfoot, around the heel and over to the other side.

This, combined with the lacing system, helps to lock down your heel during movement.

This means that those quick turns and stops can be pulled off on court with complete stability.

As you wear the shoes more, the material does tend to stretch out.

This means that after a couple of games, you may need to tighten the laces.

Puma RS Dreamer


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Puma RS Dreamer Outsole

The outsole of the Puma RS Dreamer is surprisingly grippy.

Although the feather pattern looks cool, you wouldn’t guess from first glance that it would actually provide a lot of traction.

However, it excels on court and street, even in slippery conditions.

Puma RS Dreamer Midsole

The chunky midsole is made from a combination of ProFoam and RS Foam.

Although it does the job, the is no denying that it is firmer than many other brands’ EVA setup.

As a result, it lacks bounce and provides little in the way of impact protection.

While this won’t be a problem for everyone, some wearers do report sore feet after a few hours wearing the RS Dreamers.

This is the main feature which could be improved.

Puma RS Dreamer


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Final Thoughts on Puma RS Dreamer

If you’re looking for a trendy basketball sneaker, the Puma RS Dreamer hits the spot. It is a solid all-rounder with an iconic design. Even better, it is more than capable of handling the rigours of the court, while offering excellent traction and stability.

Although these basketball shoes are pretty heavy, this is less of an issue than the denseness of the cushioning. The firm combination of ProFoam and RS Foam means that the midsoles have no bounce back. As such, they provide little impact protection.

Despite this, their price point makes these basketball shoes good bang for your buck. And, that is without taking into account the extra cool points you’ll get for donning them! They really are a timeless classic and one you surely won’t regret buying.