Nike Roshe Runs


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General Impression

The Nike designer Dylan Raasch set out to create a new, affordable model of sneakers.

The Zen-inspired Nike Roshe Runs are the result of his work. These stylish sneakers offer incredible value at just $70.

Our team bought these shoes as sneakers for everyday wear. We thought they were comfortable, stylish, and well-cushioned.

They’re not the best for running – but we did try them out on a two-mile run and liked what we got.

Nike Roshe Runs Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable design
  • Good breathability
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Perfect sneakers for sports or everyday wear
  • Excellent cushioning


  • Not suitable for long-distance running
  • Not suitable for intense training
  • Not great in the rain


The Nike Roshe Runs are comfort sneakers. They are roomy when you put them on and have extra wiggle room around the toes. At the same time, they never feel loose on the foot.

The shoe upper is made using two separate layers of mesh.

One layer makes up the front section, the other – the back section. The mesh grips the foot gently for a snug but comfortable fit and lots of ventilation.

The simple mesh material makes the sneakers extra breathable with exceptional ventilation.

Our testers’ feet stayed cool and dry, whether doing errands or light training in the gym.

We also tested them in the rain and concluded that the upper isn’t waterproof. Our testers’ feet got soaked since mesh doesn’t create much of a barrier compared to materials like leather.

On the flip side, the upper’s ventilation will help your feet and socks dry quickly in case of a sudden downpour.

There’s a soft wrap going around the ankle for comfort and extra stability.

Although this is a low shoe, it secures the ankle in place for walking, running, and light activity. 

Unlike most style shoes, you can really move around in the Roshe safely.

Style-wise, the Roshe’s upper looks retro with a twist.

It has the classic look of an early 80s/late 90s white sneaker but is mesh instead of leather or faux leather.

The one thing these shoes aren’t very good at is high-performance workouts.

They’re not snug enough on the feet for intense running or training and aren’t as durable as proper sports shoes.

They also get dirty pretty easily, which only makes them good for running, general fitness, and other light sports.

On the plus side, they’re easy to clean and quick to dry.

The sneakers have a lace closure. Only a few reviewers complained about the lacing.

One person mentioned that the laces are too short to tie a double knot. While another claimed that theirs seemed frazzled.

Thankfully, you can easily solve these problems by replacing the laces.

Nike Roshe Runs


Our Score

Why this product?


Dylan Raasch designed the insole to mimic a freshly raked Zen garden. It does have good ergonomics and naturally fit our testers’ feet.

The Solarsoft insole is well-cushioned and supportive. It distributes weight evenly and reduces weight on the foot. It’s made for everyday use and light running – it may not hold up through intense workouts – but it’s still a quality sole.

Nike Roshe Runs use Lunarlon cushioning foam in the midsole. The foam is lightweight, but it can also change shape under pressure. This gives it lots of bounce and protects the foot from impact when you run or walk. We can also say the shoe has excellent energy return when you run, helping you save energy and protect your feet from injury.

One cool thing about the Roshe Runs is that they don’t have a traditional outsole design. They have a one-piece outsole made of the cushioned midsole and a special EVA compound. The advantage of using this compound is it’s highly flexible and responsive. It’s also durable like soft rubber and offers adequate foot support.

The downside is that the compound limits the sole’s functionality. It has limitations because it’s forced to function as an outsole while it’s originally used as cushioning material. There were some concerns that it could impair the shoes’ overall breathability.

Dylan Raasch used Nike’s natural motion waffle pattern for the bottom of the outsole.

This gives the shoe excellent grip and encourages a natural range of motion. The foot really goes from landing to toe-off smoothly in the shoe.

The waffle pattern has solid traction on wet surfaces and feels pretty durable. You’ll enjoy the sneakers longer if you don’t use them for intense activities, from all the reviews we read.

Protection-wise, the sole is comfortable and will shield your feet from concrete and other hard surfaces. It is not recommended for dirt and deep sand, though.


This is a good shoe for everyday wear and short runs.

It’s light and flexible on the foot; it almost feels like a sock with a sole.

It reminded our testers of older Nike Free Runs but with more cushioning.

The sole technology is comfortable and practical.

It really guides the foot when you run or walk, though not as much as specialized running models. We liked walking around in these shoes a lot.

Although the Roshe Runs aren’t suitable for long-distance running, they make for a great pair of gym or walking shoes.

Remember to keep your activities light because the sole isn’t meant to absorb shock for high-impact movements.

We liked that the Roshes came in several colors, making it easy to complete different looks.

Some of the color options are flashy, so you can match them with colorful outfits and have fun with your style.

The Roshes fit true to size and are a nice, inexpensive sneaker for everyday wear.

Nike Roshe Runs


Our Score

Why this product?


The Nike Roshe Runs are good for both athletes and smart casual dressers. No one can resist a pair of retro sneakers that you can dress up or down, travel in, and chill in. You can even wear the Roshes without socks.

Buy if you want a value-for-money, versatile sneaker for general fitness, walking, and everyday use.