Nike Renew Run


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General Impression

Nike Renew Run is a mens’ sneaker line designed for long and short distance runners. It has a soft foam that makes each landing more comfortable when running. The shoe is uniquely designed and made to offer more traction and provide comfort to the foot when running.

The pair is relatively affordable, making it a go-to shoe for many regular runners. The foam used in the soles lowers the prices significantly. Short and mid-distance runners can get a lot of utility from the Renew Run. The pair help keep your feet locked in place, and the comfy wear protects your feet.

They are slightly heavy with a little over 350 grams, heavier than your typical Nike footwear. The thickness of the midsole also plays a role in increasing the overall weight of the Nike Renew Runs.

Nike Renew Run Pros and Cons


  • The design is versatile
  • It comes with a broader finger area at the forefoot
  • The fit is comfortable and secure
  • It is cost-effective because of the materials used
  • The outer sole is long-lasting


  • It feels bulky because of the outdated Lunarian foam
  • It can feel unstable because of the weight
  • It can feel too narrow at the center, especially before breaking them in

Nike Renew Run Review

Customers like the Nike Renew Run for the comfort it provides to runners and casual wear. It’s tough mid sole and soft foam ensures a more stable and padded landing.

The overlays are strong and durable. The pair is affordable since it’s made using cost-effective materials.


The upper side is made with two layers of synthetic mesh fabric that is breathable and lightweight. That makes the Nike Renew Runs great for running even in the mud.

The pads are made of thermal polyurethane material around the lace holes. The benefit is a more comfortable fit, perfect for the avid runner.

The Nike Renew Run is also designed with strengthened overlays at the seams and the finger area, making them last longer even with repeated use. It comes with additional pads and linings that make the overall weight slightly high but comfortable enough for runners.

The tongue is attached under the lacing holes, making it easy to pull out. The overall tongue design ensures that the laces remain out while running to avoid unnecessary accidents.


The Nike Renew runs have a broad base, ensuring dense cushioning and stability.

The foam above the tread is a unique Lunarlon form that is more rigid than the regular Nike react more expensive foam.

You also get a double-density foam sole, perfect for people who land heavily on their heels while on the move.

The middle layer adds a bit of density to the shoes, which brings about a feeling of heaviness on the foot and helps in running.

Flexibility is paramount to great running shoes. The Nike Renew Runs are as flexible as they come.

The sole provides a good transition from heel to toe and maintains sensitivity to your feet throughout the run.
With Lunarian foam being one of Nike’s older technologies, you get to pay less than sneakers that use react foam and will feel a bit of heaviness on your sole from the weight of the foam.

The Lunarian foam is covered with rubber treads that give your soles an excellent grip. It is also strong enough to run on uneven terrains.

Design & Materials

This model of running shoes is made with a combination of mesh textiles and polymer overlays. It is best for daily jogging and works well for people who typically run on uneven surfaces.

The double-density sole and lunar foam are perfect for dampening shock loads. The outer rubber sole keeps you confident and stable while running.

Nike Renew Run


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Why this product?

The designers went a step further to increase the space in the finger area for a more comfortable fit making the Nike Renew Running shoes perfect for people with wide feet.

The lacing is functional, and the interior textile trim ensures more cushioning and coziness for your feet while running.

The Renew runs come in several color combinations and are unique compared with many previous and later designs.

It is considered a beginner’s shoe despite its relatively high weight.

The Renew Run is designed around the density of the midsole, with the primary goal being to protect your feet and offer a strong shoe that works well for running miles at a time.

The narrow body and wide foot box make these shoes suitable for regular runs.

Comparison with the Nike Renew Run 2

The main difference between the renew run original design and the Renew run 2 is the length of the outer sole.

The 2nd version comes with a longer outsole to provide more significant support to the foot and a softer ride while running. The design is similar to the original model, with a synthetic two-layer upper mesh that is created to keep your feet dry and aerated.

The Nike Renew Run 2 is an affordable running shoe and has the same Lunarlon foam sole. Despite its weight, the primary benefit of the thicker sole is to reduce the impact on your feet and knees when running for longer distances.

Both shoes are great because they offer better structure and a cozy, comfortable fit for runners. They serve this purpose well.

Nike Renew Run


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Why this product?

Comparison with the Nike Renew Ride 2

The Renew Ride 2 is a great contender for anyone looking for an alternative to the Renew Run.

The main significant difference between the two is the foam cushion. The Renew ride two is designed with a layer of MOON foam that is thick and lighter, protecting runners from impact.

It has a flexible design that aims to provide quick and easy steps. It also comes with a nicely shaped top made with breathable fabric. Each step is designed to feel comfortable and light.

The Renew ride two is made for people that run for longer distances of up to 10kms but do not want to break the bank to access comfortable shoes.


The Nike Renew Run is best suited to runners with neutral pronation.

They are the perfect everyday cushioned shoes with an excellent appearance at a great price. The shoes are also great to wear in most weather conditions. They are especially great in April when the weather is warmer.