Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2


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General Impression

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is a multi-purpose, max-cushioned everyday trainer that excels at easy-paced daily training and sprints.

The acclaimed update is the new upper that increases foot lockup and overall efficiency. The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 has a squishy softness underfoot and is still one of the most cushioned Nike sneakers available today for regular workouts.

This Nike version is perfectly adequate for training sessions when there are no increased loads and for training long runs. The updated iteration with its new upper works to improve the foot’s fixation and the shoe’s overall features.

  • Brand Name: Nike
  • Model Type: React Infinity Run Flyknit 2
  • Feature: Cushioning,
  • Weight: 281 g/9.9 oz
  • Forefoot height: 24 mm
  • Heel height: 33 mm
  • Pricing: $ 160
  • Terrain: Road
  • Heel drop: 9 mm
  • Arch Support: Neutral
  • Material: Knit upper
  • Release date: Jan. 7th, 2021

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 Pros and Cons


  • Superior shock absorption
  • Exceptional foot support
  • Adaptability
  • Beautiful Fit
  • No slipping of the heels


  • Sneakers are not ideal for jogging at a fast pace.
  • Unreliable
  • Tongue pulls apart


The new upper will feel like a breath of fresh air the first time you put the shoe on.

It’s thick, with extra padding for added comfort and fit. The upper with a light yet durable Flyknit material makes the shoe light.

Furthermore, it improves the foot’s breathability. The sneaker’s unique form enhances foot support at all stages of running, including flexibility when pushing off the ground and cushioning when landing.

The top is thin and malleable, so it’s easy to put on and take off. The early iteration of the Infinity Run had poor foot lockdown.

With that said, in this iteration, the upper is remodeled to be more cushioned and similar to a standard performance upper.

There is also a tongue on the back. The fabric loop assists the runner in widening the aperture, making it easier to put on or remove shoes.

The sides and heel gets covered with the wrapping overlay technique.

When it comes to anchoring and keeping the foot in place, this synthetic print with the Nike Swoosh logo on both ends aids the rest of the upper.

The toe box has roomier than the preceding version, while the midfoot has a superior fit.

The heel has a more stable feel to it. The stiff, plastic-like Flyknit loft gets replaced with a more classic Flyknit, similar to that found on a Nike Free RN 3.0, which is softer and thicker.

Flywire cables hold for better midfoot lockdown, a missing feature in the previous version.

These cables are far more effective than the Pegasus 37’s unpleasant Flywire straps.
The upper sports a padded redesigned collar and doesn’t come up as high as before, allowing you to go sockless or wear low socks without chaffing.

Tip: The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 could be your best bet if you’ve had trouble finding the proper running shoes for your technique. This pair of running shoes achieve the ideal blend of stability and flexibility, making them a favorite choice among mild overpronators.


A rubber compound makes up the Nike React Infinity Run sole.

Nike’s React shock absorber is a full-length shock absorber that provides excellent cushioning in a lightweight and flexible package.The design makes it last a long time due to its sturdy structure.

The raised thickness makes it more voluminous. The React featured in the Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is a different form of React. This React seems thicker with little give than comparable sneakers like the Zoom Fly 3, Pegasus 37, and Miler.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2


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Why this product?

The Infinity Run Flyknit 2’s React has a nice squish underfoot and is still one of the softest, most cushioned Nike shoes available. It also provides surface grip, which is critical for the safety and efficacy of a running session.

The front of this embellished shoe has curved grooves that are small. These ribbed elements make the platform as flexible as possible, allowing the leg to bend as it moves through the gait cycle.

Back support is provided by the thermoplastic polyurethane (ITPU) heel clip. This technology effectively acts as a sidewall that holds the foot in position, whether running or standing.

The stress-absorbing mechanism is just above the sock liner. The purpose of this feature is to offer a soft surface for the foot to stand on. It has a cloth surface to give it the appearance of a high-end platform.

If the runner so desires, it can be removed or changed with a new one. The soft, flexible rubber outsole is devoid of lugs. The wear distributes across a larger surface area, and the configuration promotes durability.

Rubber covers the whole forefoot with a few thin channels to assist the shoe bend.

So, if you want to minimize weight, the midfoot and rearfoot have large, deep channels between the rubber.

Traction is adequate on dry terrain but can be slippery on wet grass, wood, or tile.

Fit & Performance

The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 sneakers help you avoid injuries while running by allowing you to save strength and stay comfortable throughout your activity.

The model is suitable for both experienced runners and newcomers. The Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is a multi-purpose, max-cushioned daily trainer that excels at easy-paced daily training and long runs.

The newly added upper increases foot lockup and overall performance.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2


Our Score

Why this product?


If you are a runner who requires dependable daily running shoes, the Nike react infinite run flyknit 2 model is for you. These sneakers are ideal for mild and restorative runs due to their excellent cushioning.

It now boasts the padded upper you would expect from a daily trainer with a soft, cushioned midsole for long-distance cruising and smooth transitions that make running more enjoyable. This shoe is one of the most comprehensive in Nike’s running portfolio.