Nike Pegasus Trail 2


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General Impression

You have enhanced grip and safety in this shoe. But you also get a shoe to be worn on asphalt, to steer to and from the woods.

Further, the Pegasus Trail 2 is a superb door-to-trail or trail hybrid running shoe that also excels on dry, buffed, hard-packed trails. In terms of support, these shoes have a pretty neutral feel to them, with no overarching support.

Both the toe box and the shoe width appear medium size. It has a lot of cushions and looks fantastic. It performs in short-distance runs and is an excellent choice for runners who prefer less trail and more tarmac.

  • Brand Name: Nike
  • Model Type: Trail
  • Feature: Cushioning,
  • Comfort, Breathability
  • Weight: 11.1 oz. (315 g)
  • Forefoot height: 21mm
  • Heel height: 31mm
  • Pricing: $ 130 (list price)
  • Terrain: Road, Trail, suitable for dry and hard surface
  • Shock absorption: High
  • Heel drop: 10 mm
  • Arch Support: Neutral
  • Material: Mesh upper
  • Colorways: Red, Grey, Black, Green, Orange, Brown, Blue, Purple
  • Distance: Long distance, Marathon
  • Previous Model: Nike Pegasus 36 Trail
  • Release date: June 2020

Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Pros and Cons


  • This shoe has excellent cushioning and suppleness in all distances and terrains
  • A built-in faux gaiter keeps debris out of the shoe
  • Beautiful fit
  • There is no break-in period
  • Super comfortable


  • It is not advisable to use in rough terrain.
  • It lacks the feel of a trail.
  • Slipping heels
  • Too squishy

Nike Pegasus Trail 2 Review

The Nike Trail is a popular range of trail shoes. A lineup that received little notice until Nike chose to redesign their trail shoes in 2019.

In the Nike Pegasus Trail 2, you get traction for both trail and the road! While it excels in short trips on light or challenging terrain, it is adequate in longer runs.

Although, the plush cushioning feels more at home on the road than on the trail. The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 trail running shoes are great and fit similar to other Nike running shoes. Here is a sneaker that prioritizes comfort and safety!


The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 has a durable mesh upper for constant breathability.

Mesh fabric enhances ventilation and aids in water drainage, resulting in a more relaxed foot environment.

This component also provides targeted support for a secure and comfortable fit. The top is well-made, with no rubbing seams or creases.

The extra room in the toe box is the next aspect of the fit.

The Pegasus has always featured a low-volume forefoot, and the Pegasus 37 is no exception; nevertheless, Nike has gone for a more expansive approach with this trail version.

The total height and width provide for comfortable movement. The toe fangs made from rubber add structure. They make the forefoot area taller and protected. It delivers a good fit.

The upper half of the sneaker has synthetic overlays for added support. The purpose of these pads is to preserve the model’s structural performance.

In the middle part of the sneaker, the designers added a supporting cage. This cage keeps the foot in place when on the move.

A conventional lacing system offers a snug and customized fit. Nike’s personalization provides comfort in shoes tailored to the user’s tastes, allowing the fit density to be readily adjusted.

A rubber toecap has been added to the front of the Pegasus Trail 2 to protect your toes from pebbles and tree roots.

It’s one of the things that distinguishes it from its predecessor, the Pegasus 36 Trail, which lacked protection.

The back of the heel has a tongue that makes it easy to slip on and take off. A wraparound “heel pad” is sewn into the neoprene gaiter at the back of the top.

This feature is comparable to the Vaporfly NEXT % and Alphafly designs, except it’s integrated into the material.

Nike’s innovative design proves an excellent way to keep the heel in place without rubbing or creating hot spots.

Dirt and debris are kept out of the shoes thanks to the artificial gaiter insert on the heel collar.


Nike’s structure provides durability and protection with the multidirectional rubber sole inspired by bicycle tires.

Nike Pegasus Trail 2


Our Score

Why this product?

The undulating design on the rubber sole gives powerful traction on any surface.

The canines on the forefoot’s toe boost the sole’s grip on rough and loose surfaces. When descending or climbing over uneven terrain, the model ensures safety.

The midsole of the sneaker is in React-foam. The React material is softer and more cushioned than the Zoom material used in the Pegasus 36 Trail.

It is more comfortable due to the softer material.

While jogging on uneven terrain, the full-size React midsole gives stability and comfort.

This model is a good mid-distance shoe if you’re clocking miles on the firmer, flatter ground since the springy midsole will cushion repetitive landings.

React technology, a responsive cushioning substance, is integrated into the midsole for smoother transitions.

The Nike proprietary technology, react foam, is more energy-efficient than the company’s other shock-absorbing technologies.

These shoes work for a runner looking for extra protection while training on flat dirt trails or running on roads with some potholes.

The faux gaiter and oversized outsole trail are characteristics that keep you safe.

The Pegasus Trail 2’s outsole is flat with the close-sitting knobs that provide traction on sturdy trails in the woods or on hard surfaces such as stones and pebbles.


The substantial React foam is pleasantly cushioned and provides enough rigidity and protection. The shoe performs effectively on mild to moderate trail paths.

The outsole provides traction even on moderately uneven ground.

Nike Pegasus Trail 2


Our Score

Why this product?


You can use Pegasus Trail 2 to cut across city parks, forest trails, and country roads. At the same time, small stones and any uneven ground will not feel rough on the foot.

The React foam will aid repulsion as the pace picks up. This model is appropriate for training in ultra-distance contests and mild routes without rugged terrain.

These shoes might be the right fit for a runner looking for added protection while training on flat dirt trails or running on roads with some dirt patches.

The faux gaiter and oversized outsole are great trail attributes that keep you safe. The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 has a lighter, breathable upper that presents a more liberating and gliding sensation.