Nike Flex Experience Run 9


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General Impression

Sneakers provide lightness and comfort with every step. The soft knitted material fits the foot tightly, and the groove in the outsole increases its flexibility for comfort in any situation.

Hexagonal flexible grooves create 6 points of flexibility for freedom of movement of the foot in any direction.

The seamless lining in the toe and lacing area increases strength. The one-piece sole provides elastic cushioning and strength – this allows you to use less rubber and reduce the overall weight of the shoe.

The anatomical design of the rounded heel ensures smooth and natural movements.

Nike Flex Experience Run 9 Pros and Cons


  • Attractive design
  • Good breathability
  • Good shock absorption
  • Fits the size
  • Roomy storage box


  • Unstable
  • Less durable outsole
  • Not for long runs

Nike Flex Experience Run 9 Review

Nike Flex Experience Run 9 sneakers are designed for natural movement. Reliable support helps your foot stay in place, and the ventilated top promotes air circulation.


The upper part of the Nike Flex Experience RN 9 has a mesh instead of a knitted fabric, as it was, for example, in series 8 and 4.

A slightly more open design of this material provides increased airflow.

The form-fitting ability is also improved due to its elastic nature.

Stretch panels are sewn on the sides and heel of these neutral sneakers.

The purpose of these add-ons is to ensure safety and coziness without overly restricting the leg.

Instead of the heel part, a tongue tab is installed on the tongue node.

The purpose of this fabric loop is to widen the opening of this item to facilitate an easy on-and-off wearing experience.


The sole of the sneakers of this model does not contain rubber compounds.

The base of the foam sole is open to the ground, so this is the only aspect that provides surface grip. Shallow holes are responsible for the traction capacity of this aspect of the shoe.

The exceptional flexibility of the platform is provided by a set of flexible grooves that align the horizontal side of the heel and forefoot of this product.

These elements allow the leg to fully utilize its bending potential, thereby energizing each step and giving more opportunities to accelerate the execution.

A piece of foam is responsible for cushioning under your feet.

This function runs the entire length of the shoe, providing easy support and movement-friendly performance at all times.

The heel part has not too protruding sidewalls that help to stabilize the leg and hold it in place.

The insole with a fabric upper is located directly above the main shock-absorbing unit.

The purpose of this on supplement is to provide a soft plane for the underside of the foot.

It can be removed or replaced with another insert if the owner wants to do so.

Nike Flex Experience Run 9


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Why this product?

Compared to Nike Flex Experience RN 8

Unlike the 9 series, the upper part of the Nike Flex Experience RN 8 is made of knitted textiles, as mentioned earlier.

Its semi-closed design helps to prevent the penetration of debris, but at the same time has a breathable ability that ensures a cool and dry ride.

The sole of the Nike Flex Experience RN 8 is mainly made of foam in contact with the ground.

This element is made of injection molding compound, and it must be strong enough to cope with the work of protecting the feet from the elements on the roads.

The lower part of the sole, in contact with the ground, is popular in the Nike registry, even with such relatively new series as Zoom Strike.

The Nike flex experience RN 8 features a lightweight and low-profile design.

This is a great option to consider if you are looking for running shoes with a limited budget that can be used both for jogging and for everyday wear.

Compared to Nike Flex Experience RN 4

A single-layer mesh in the upper part, similar to the one in version 8, ensures that the fabric retains a non-irritating and comfortable nature. This material provides a breathable and responsive coating for relaxing running throughout the day.

The sole is equipped with wafer pistons, which have a hexagonal shape, created to absorb the impact when landing the foot on the ground.
The injected component of the Unitsole mid-sole is actually the only component that also functions as a sole. It is efficient, flexible and resistant to damage.

This model can be narrow, medium, wide and ultra-wide. People with different sizes and shapes of legs have a wide range of options to optimize their comfort.

The Nike Flex Experience 4 offers a lot of natural movement, while the support and cushioning are good enough. The ultra-flexible nature of the shoe will work best for those who have sufficient support in their arches.

Nike Flex Experience Run 9


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Why this product?


Continuing the line of lightweight training sneakers, Nike Flex TR 9 presents an updated design with improved appearance and performance.

These shoes are designed for light but intense exercises, such as circular workouts. Created to please you with their low weight and flexibility. They provide reliable protection for the legs without interfering with natural movements.