Nike Air Zoom Pulse


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General Impression

Nike produced the Air Zoom pulse sneakers in a large color palette to allow medical practitioners to choose what they liked.

Note that all versions have bright accents and details related to medicine — for example, a print with medical instruments or red-blue lines resembling the circulatory system.

You can choose between black and white color variations to use in the hospital setups.

The sneakers are also light to ease movement while handling emergencies. Our testers liked the waterproof top, which protects water from getting into your shoes and also makes it easy to clean.

Nike Air Zoom Pulse Pros and Cons


  • The upper is equipped with a protective synthetic saddle and a polyurethane coating for easy cleaning.
  • The elastic strap holds the heel securely and allows you to put on these sneakers with only one hand.
  • The protective pad on the sock increases wear resistance and strength
  • The Nike Zoom Air insert in the heel area provides comfort for the whole day.
  • A durable and flexible rubber outsole provides a reliable grip on wet and dry surfaces.


  • Lookalike sneakers may lead you to buying poor quality
  • Can rub your ankles when worn without socks
  • The sneakers are expensive

Nike Air Zoom Pulse Review

In 2019, Nike released the Nike Air Zoom Pulse sneakers to meet health workers’ needs. Nurses and doctors tested the sneakers through day and night shifts, on slippery surfaces and dry ones.

The sneakers turned out comfortable, flexible, and safe for emergencies. The Air Zoom Pulse is similar to traditional clogs in comfort and functionality. At the same time, they’re athletic and stylish. Since the sneakers come in a laceless design, they’re easy to put on and remove.

Cleaning them is also easy, thanks to the soft and waterproof fabric. Doctors like the soft backtab, making the sneakers easy to put on and off.


Most Nike sneakers have a lacing system made for athletes. Hospital workers are always on the run, and lacing systems like these can slow them down.

That’s why Nike made the Air Zoom Pulse sneakers with a laceless design and an elastic band on the back. They’re easy to put on and take off in just seconds.

The upper is made of a synthetic polyurethane-coated waterproof material. Unlike other shoes, Air Zoom Pulse is water-resistant and easy to clean.

Our testers loved the toe box and its reinforced overlay. It does a good job covering and protecting your toes from impact and liquids. It’s also stylish, compared to most medical clogs and shoes.

While the shoe lacks ventilations, the low cut gives some relief. The slip-on design has two pull tabs that support the shoes’ easy wearing. Our testers liked that the tabs and straps were located at focal points reducing flashes.

Nike Air Zoom uses the zoom air technology, which offers all-day comfort for professional health workers. A soft foam cushioning improves durability and keeps the sneakers stylish.


Nike constructed the sole with a shock-absorbing Pulse foam together with a Nike Zoom Air insert in the heel. The “air zoom tech” is an iconic innovation that uses pressurized air to make the shoe comfortable.

This technology also makes the sneakers lightweight allowing you to move easily.

Our testers loved the increased grip on the flexible sole, which was safe on dry and slippery surfaces.

Because of the gripping, the sole provided great traction with most linoleum surfaces increasing safety.

The shoe’s lower section has a protective pad on the sock, which promotes wear resistance for you to use the sneakers longer.

Deep grooves on the sole are wide to increase friction to safeguard you when walking on slippery and muddy surfaces.

Nike used the rubber pattern on the sole to create a balance between traction and flexibility. This is better than other shoes with herringbone traction that offers traction only.

A removable thin insole provides extra width without interfering with comfort. It also protects the actual insole from damage, extending your shoe’s lifespan. When you want to clean the shoe’s interior, simply remove the insole.

Nike Air Zoom Pulse


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Why this product?

Nike added symbolic features like the patterns of circles of varying sizes, making the sneakers different from other shoes.

There is also an asterisk symbol on the sole and other parts of the shoe. You’ll like the ECG rhythm on the central design. All these features make you look classy during your day-long shifts.

Design & Fit

The 2019 sneaker design came with a laceless system for easy wearing and removing. Health practitioners like the laceless and slip-on design, which saves time.

The Nike air zoom pulse is budget-friendly, has a unique style, and looks elegant. Currently, the sneakers are breaking sales globally thanks, and doctors are working comfortably thanks to the sneaker’s simple design and attention to detail.

Nike provides a sizing chart where you can choose sneakers that offer a snug fit. Pick your ideal size from the chart before you order to get a good-fitting sneaker.

You don’t have to worry about comfort since the zoom air technology and removable midsole keeps your feet comfortable. Remove the insole if you want more space.

The sneakers are expensive but worth the price.

They’ll give you the comfort you want while working a day-long shift.

Nike Air Zoom Pulse


Our Score

Why this product?


You can easily forget Nike air zoom pulse sneakers are on your feet because of the lightweight design. They are an excellent choice for medical professionals who prefer comfort and taking care of their health.

Even though the prices are slightly high, you get the value from features like laceless design, flat profile, and lightweight. This makes your work easier and more enjoyable.

Nike Air Zoom pulse most details are designed to meet the requirements of health workers; however, you can still use the shoe as general wear when not in a hospital setting.