Nike Air Zoom Bb Nxt


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The innovations added to the midsole provide reliable cushioning. The materials have also made this shoe a favorite in the sneaker world. This Nike shoe meets the needs of an athlete on the court and outside the court.

It’s extremely lightweight and breathable, providing players with extended use without any extra weight. The shoe upper fits like a glove and provides superior support for all your basketball needs.

We liked the soft rubber that offered great flexibility, while the outsole patterns ensured great traction. This feature made our testers excited and Nike has capitalized on it to ensure more flexibility through tough games.

Nike is known for making quality shoes and Nike Air Zoom Bb Nxt is durable and can serve you well for years. The durability of the outsole means you’ll use the shoes for years.

Nike uses a soft rubber that offers superior grip indoors so you can improve around and never worry about sliding on wet surfaces.

While the upper is lightweight with perforated synthetic material and nylon braids, the shoe does a perfect job when playing basketball. They are well textured and weighted in areas that require more strength.

The shoe is a little overpriced, but the features you get are a great value for your use.

Nike Air Zoom Bb Nxt Pros and Cons


  • Circular outsole pattern for great traction and multidirectional movements
  • Two layers of React Foam in the sock liner and midsole for responsiveness
  • Achilles support due to the padded collar and plush foam tongue
  • Mesh upper with reinforced layers for support and stability.
  • Two zoom units under the feet ball absorb energy with each single step


  • Poor ankle protection
  • Insufficient support on reinforcement material
  • High center of gravity

Nike Air Zoom Bb Nxt Review

Ross Klein is a senior creative director for the Nike Basketball footwear and the mind behind zoom air.

He has been leading a team towards the evolution of Nike Air which created the Nike Air Zoom Bb Nxt sneaker. The sneakers have the most efficient soft cushioning made for energy return for athletes.

The Nike Air Zoom BB is made to help players deal with fatigue as they endure tough training. It’s still suitable causal wear that will meet your fashion taste.

Nike enhanced the shoe with multi-directional patterns on the soles offering a good grip on clean and dusty courts. This is better than other shoes with slippery soles that expose players to injuries. Nike Air Zoom is a lightweight and comfortable shoe.

The Upper

The Nike Air Zoom BB NXT upper is made of lightweight perforated synthetics, and the lacing contains a nylon braid. Nike used textiles as the main material, to assist to enhance lightness which is what players need to make swift moves during basketball games.

Sneakers have textured prints all over the surface but are weighted in areas that require strength, such as the heel and toe. This makes the construction light and stable and suitable for your basketball tournaments.

Our testers liked the padded collar and the plush foam tongue support on the upper section of Nike Air Zoom BB Nxt that offer support to your feet. When playing, a notch that supports the Achilles ensures a comfortable yet snug fit.

Upper fits like gloves to allow you to focus on the game. Reinforced layers provide superior support without adding weight to the shoe. It makes you enjoy training and real games in the Nike Air Zoom BB more than any other shoe.

Nike uses lightweight, breathable mesh material on the upper keeping the feet cool and dry. Nike knew that players need support during intense games and incorporated the reinforced layers to support without adding extra weight.

React Foam technology keeps the feet comfortable and ensures you maintain momentum. It’s a two-layer foam in the middle of the midsole and sock liner. These two layers provide responsive cushioning, keeping your feet fresh and comfortable all day.

The Sole

Three React layers and two Zoom modules work together to provide reliable energy return and shock protection.

Nike React is the most innovative shock absorption technology and the most resilient foam material in their shoe line. During our drills, testers reported improved comfort on various basketball courts and none complained of painful feet.

Nike React foam is 11% softer and provides 13% more energy return than previous versions of Nike foams.

This is a plus for Nike on comfort and it’s what keeps the sneakers ahead of competing shoes.

The grooves on the sole are designed based on the positions of the two Zoom blocks.

This allows absorption of energy with every step you make. Then the shoe bounces to return that energy as you accelerate.

Nike Air Zoom Bb Nxt


Our Score

Why this product?

Traction on the Nike Air Zoom BB Nxt is beastly.

The rubber sole pattern offers excellent traction for outdoor and indoor courts. The soft sole provides a great grip on smooth indoor courts.

What’s more, the sole looks durable and does not show any signs of wear during use.

During testing, our testers enjoyed the superior grip that kept them going for rounds.

Nike Air Zoom Bb Nxt


Our Score

Why this product?


Overall, the Air Zoom BB NXT sneakers are ideal for basketball players. Whether professional or amateur, the shoes offer superior support and stability. They guarantee good cushioning and a lightweight feel. The Nike Air Zoom BB delivers unmatched traction on different surfaces where players feel safe in them.

The Air Zoom technology provides the shoes with great responsiveness. This is a great feature for basketball players who make several movements in different directions.

Not all Nike basketball shoes have lived to the standards of users but the company’s Nike Air Zoom BB Nxt seems to have changed everything! It’s a fun and exciting shoe that you can have throughout the day. It’s comfortable, supportive, and fits perfectly.