Nike Air Max Tavas


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General Impression

The slim profile and the no-sew upper mesh are these sneakers’ most recognizable features.

The synthetic overlays are smooth and completely seamless, setting the Tavas apart from conventional Air Max designs.

The upper area sits on a soft cushioned midsole. You can see the air max support from the middle section at the back. That ensures you get maximum comfort during impact as well as shock absorption.

There are some stark resemblances between the Air Max 1 ultra-essential running shoes and the Tavas, but the Air Max unit is hard to miss on the Tavas. It is available in various colors, making it a great option for casual and workout wear.

Nike Air Max Tavas Pros and Cons


  • Suitable for all foot shapes
  • It has a removable insole
  • The Air Max cushion provides momentum and saves energy during your gym sessions. 
  • It has fused upper overlays, making it extremely lightweight
  • The no-sew overlays make it easy to clean


  • You will need a bit of a break-in period before you feel comfortable in these running shoes.
  • The white midsole falls victim to scuffs and dirt marks with continuous use.
  • It is not the best shoes for long-distance running
  • Some customers don’t break into the shoe because the mid-section is on the narrow side

Nike Airmax Tavas Review

The Nike Air Max Tavas was originally designed and advertised to runners in December 2014.

It features the infamous Air Max technology that dropped over 30 years ago but with a slimmer, more breathable look than previous designs.

The Tavas may seem like any other pair of Nikes to the untrained eye, but there are a lot of factors that make them unique.

The aesthetic and functional design makes the sneakers a sensible shoe option for multiple demographics.


The upper side of the shoe is designed with a mesh made with synthetic overlays that are smooth to the touch.

Synthetic overlays typically have no seams on the mesh material. The implication is a lighter and more breathable shoe design.

The mesh design and breathability ensure your foot stays ventilated as you exercise, jog, or when on the move. The upper mesh design makes it easy to clean and dries quickly.

The lack of seams ensures no crevices to hide dust, while the ventilation bars smell even after a long run.


The sole design is the waffle outsole with a heel of air max bag, fuse overlays, and more mesh construction.

On the other hand, the midsole has water-resistant react foam – an original Nike design element. It keeps the shoes lightweight and absorbs shock from your moves, thus protecting your feet.

Zoom Air is also inserted at the front of the foot. Its main purpose is to return energy to your foot with each step you make.

The Nike Air technology is compressed air pillows that ensure durability and flexibility in your sneakers.

The technology ensures your feet are cushioned, and your shoes remain flexible –especially when running.

The Nike Air technology is also vital to maintaining the shape of your sole as time passes; that is critical for longer usage with comfort and lightness even as one breaks into the shoe.

The Outer Sole

In the Air Max Tavas, the outer sole is designed for maximum grip and comfort.

The sole treads are multidirectional, perfect for rocky ascends and descends. That makes the Tavas a great option for people that enjoy long-distance walking.

In addition to these treads, you also get a rubber insert in the middle section to improve grip on wet surfaces. That means you can still run on those rainy days without slipping.


The Nike Air Max Tavas is designed with materials including faux leather, mesh, fabric, and a rubber sole.

The closure design is laced, and no reflective material is used on the outer shoe.

This line was made to be orthotic friendly and highly breathable.

The Air Max Tavas has thirty-eight colorways, with the younger buyers accessing more colorway combinations.

However, many buyers seem to prefer the all-black version despite many colorways being available.


The size and fit are generally snug, and the shoes require some time to break in. The Tavas are secured by regular laces that keep the tongue and shoes comfortable when in use.

You can replace the removable insole with an orthotic-friendly sole for a more comfortable fit for people with issues regarding pronotion.

Nike Air Max Tavas


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Why this product?

The Tavas come in several related designs, including the Tavas essentials, Tavas print, and the Tavas SE design.

Buyers love the heel pull tab in the Tavas edition, which makes wearing and removal easier. You can find the Nike Air Ma Tavas detail at the tongue and Nike branding on the back heel.

The Tavas are known for their contrast, and the outer white midsole section is one of its identifiable factor. You will find a swoosh on the medial sides of this design and perforations on the heel back.

Nike Air Max Tavas


Our Score

Why this product?


The Tavas Nike Air Max design style can be sporty and retro. The low top and easy and snug closure makes it essential for casual runners and every day wear – a perfect spring and summer wear.

It is, however, not designed for marathons and long-distance running.
The Tavas were released without much hype, and there was also little fuss when Nike released new colorways. Users, however, have attested to its comfort, lightweight and breathable design, and slimmer profile.

The pair is aesthetically pleasing for the most part, which makes them the perfect sneakers to pair with your jogging outfit.

While you might take a while to break into the shoes or even tighten up around the midsole, the Tavas design is perfect for people who care about their comfort and love their sense of style.