Nike Air Huarache Ultra


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General Impression

The Nike Air Huarache Ultra was released in 2015 and is an upgraded version of the ‘91 Nike Air Huarache.

It features lightweight materials, enhanced comfort features, and a modern synthetic upper. It has an outer cage and elastic heel strap for support, fit, and durability.

The Air Huarache Ultra has a stylish synthetic leather upper and extra thick, chunky soles.

It’s designed for sports like basketball and volleyball but makes for a good fashion sneaker. It’s a good choice for basketball players, basketball fans, and fashionistas who like the basketball look.

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Pros and Cons


  • An iconically stylish sports sneaker with a thicker stark
  • More breathable than the original Huarache
  • Maintains the same light feel that comes with the original Huarache
  • Synthetic leather upper makes the sneaker more lightweight
  • Elastic heel strap for support


  • Not ideal for serious sporting activities that are beyond Running and Basketball
  • They have been known to make squeaking noises when used
  • It can be difficult to wash off bad stains, particularly on the soles
  • They can feel somewhat large due to the chunkiness when worn

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Review

The Nike Air Huarache Ultra is a basketball sneaker that combines jumping sports tech with style.

It can be used for any sport that involves jumping like basketball, volleyball and jumping rope due to its durability, comfort, and air technology features.

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Upper Unit

The Nike Air Huarache Ultra’s upper combines 3-layer mesh and perforated neoprene foam with molded overlays at the front and midfoot. This makes the upper ventilated and breathable. Our testers said they could see this shoe being good for sports, reducing sweat and friction.

The Ultra version is lighter than the original Huarache. It uses Flywire cables to secure the shoe on your foot. At the same time, the synthetic upper stretches with your foot so you get a snug fit that’s not too tight.

The outer cage looks stylish and protects the foot from impact. There is also a pull handle that lets you slip out of the sock mesh easily when you take the sneaker off.

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Lower Unit

The sole is 100% rubber so it’s durable, bouncy, and flexible. It’s full of compressed air pockets for further cushioning and flexibility: a classic Nike technology. It’s also highly durable. You can expect a few years of wear and tear before the outsole starts degrading.

The sole technology in this shoe is soft Phylon: a light and springy material made from EVA foam granules. The whole sole is made in one piece for enhanced durability and lightness. Rubber inserts improve durability and grip further.

The Huarache Ultra’s sole has a reputation for being very durable. If you run mid and long-distance, this shoe should last you for months – or even years, depending on how often you run.

The lower unit’s design is sleek and stylish. The insole is removable, so you can replace it with another one when it wears out. You can also replace the original insole with custom-made orthotics if you have flat feet, a high arch, etc.

With its incredible bounce and cushioning, the Air Huarache Ultra is one of our favorite modern basketball shoes. It may not be as iconic as the Nike Air Force Ones, but it’s more high-tech. If you want cushioning, bounce, and comfort, the Air Huarache is a good choice.

Nike Air Huarache Ultra


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Why this product?


The Nike Air Huarache Ultra is available in a diverse range of colors that can be used in combination with a variety of outfit styles.

Although they are designed for running specifically, you can wear them casually with joggers, shorts, or even as part of a smart casual look with Jeans.

Many people wear them in their leisure time when going to the park, walking the dog, or out with the family.

The Nike Air Huarache Ultra is available in:

  • Black
  • White
  • Stealth Gray
  • Blue/Black
  • Beige
  • Yellow Mineral
  • Coral Stardust


The Ultra version of the Huarache sneaker has been out since 2017, and due to its popularity, Nike decided to bring out some further variations. The differences between these variations are the colors, fabrics used on the upper, the style itself, sewed-on overlays with different patterns, and even the molded side-pieces.

The Nike Air Huarache Ultra is available in the following variations:

  • SE
  • GS
  • Ultra B
  • PRM (Premium)
  • Run
  • BR
  • LE
  • Utility

Additional Information

These sneakers have been worn and therefore endorsed by A-list celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, Bow Wow, Nicki Minaj, DJ Envy, Drake and Justin Bieber, to name a few. Many other influential celebrities have also bought and worn a pair, along with hundreds of thousands of members of the public who have had their Huarache Ultras for years.

Nike Air Huarache Ultra


Our Score

Why this product?


If you’re looking for a high-quality pair of sneakers that are suitable for sports and general wear that are stylish, highly breathable and durable, then the Air Huarache Ultras are perfect for you. To add, the shoes literally stretch with your feet, and are comfier than most sneakers.

Plus, the three-layer mesh and perforated foam and Air Technology enables you to withstand heavy exercise and/or sweaty feet – making them the perfect pair of sneakers for summer and all year round.

The Ultra is a huge upgrade to the original Huarache, and is definitely worth the price tag in our opinion, which by the way is reasonable for a sneaker of this caliber. However, on the other hand, there are some downsides.

The downsides are that the sneakers are noisy, and due to the thicker sole, they may feel rather large. But, the cons heavily outweigh the pros and the vast majority of consumers are more than happy with the product.