Nike Air Force 1


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General Impression

Nike’s Air Force 1 is about as iconic as a sneaker can get. Released in 1982, the Air Force 1 was met with critical acclaim. Since then, the range has expanded to include countless models, silhouettes and colourways.

The Air Force 1 is easy to style, budget-friendly and elegant in its simplicity. Over the years, these sneakers have broken sales records across the globe — they’re often touted as the best selling sneakers of all time!


  • Budget-friendly (the base model)
  • The outsole provides excellent traction without compromising agility
  • Air Technology in the midsole reduces the risk of injury
  • A wide base and supportive upper mean these shoes are super stable
  • Iconic design. Timeless and minimalist


  • It’s common for creases to appear in the leather after prolonged use
  • The rigidity of the upper can be constricting for people with very wide feet
  • There are a lot of fake Air Force 1s in the world. Know what you’re looking at before buying second hand sneakers
  • It can take a while to break these shoes in. The upper can feel very stiff initially

Nike Air Force 1 Comfort and Durability

Originally built as a basketball shoe, the Air Force 1 is as supportive as it is comfortable.

Top-quality materials associated with the Nike Swoosh are used throughout, leaving you confident your sneakers will stand the test of time!

Nike Air Force 1 Upper

In the early days, Nike’s Air Force 1 iconic sneakers featured large mesh panels across the upper.

While this increased breathability, it reduced durability and had a negative effect on the shoe’s silhouette.

Today, the upper is generally made from premium grade leather. Perforations across the shoe promote airflow and help cool your feet.

This is surprisingly effective and means that you can wear these leather sneakers in the height of summer!

Some AF1 models rely on suede or even fully synthetic uppers but the vast majority are leather.

Nike Air Force 1


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Nike Air Force 1 Outsole

Air Force 1 sneakers feature a distinctive tread pattern. Built for the court, pivot points on the outsole offer increased grip and mobility on smooth floors.

They allow you to change direction with ease while delivering enough traction to keep you planted and stable.

The rubber outsole may have been designed for NBA players but it still performs well in the real world.

The abrasion resistance is excellent — the shoes hold their own even on hard-wearing surfaces like tarmac and concrete.

You can rest easy knowing your Air Force 1 sneakers will stand the test of time!

Nike Air Force 1 Midsole

Upon their release, Nike’s Air Force 1 sneakers blew away the competition.

It wasn’t just the eye-catching styling or groundbreaking outsole either.

Nike completely broke the mould when they introduced Air Technology to their shoes.

Today, we’ve all seen and worn shoes with air pockets in the soles.

But in the early 1980s, these were a real game-changer.

Air is pumped into flexible but highly durable sacks which are built into the cushioning of the midsole.

These absorb impacts and deliver excellent energy return which each step, protecting athletes from injury and enhancing comfort for all users.

Nike Air Force 1 Lining

As well as being ultra-durable and delivering high-level support, Nike’s Air Force 1s have a plush textile lining.

This offers a nice in-shoe feel, ensuring you remain comfortable even after hours pounding around in this iconic silhouette.

There’s also a good level of padding in the tongue and collar — both of which enhance the overall comfort of these shoes.

Nike Air Force 1 Style

There aren’t many sneakers that have stood the test of time like Nike’s Air Force 1s.

Remaining largely unchanged for more than three decades, the Air Force 1s are timeless.

Slight changes to the minimalist base model — as well as a range of dramatic changes to limited edition silhouettes — have kept Air Force 1s at the forefront of each fashion-conscious generation.

Collaborations between Nike and notable names like Travis Scott, Louis Vuitton and even Playstation!

Honestly, they can be worn with almost any outfit or look. The jazzier variations will be tougher to style than the base models but you won’t find it difficult to make these shoes look good!

Nike Air Force 1 Protection and Support

Primarily designed as a shoe for athletes, the Air Force 1 sneakers provide top-level support and stability.

The outsole delivers a ton of traction while still allowing you to be super agile thanks to the pivot points in the tread pattern.

The wide sole ensures you’re stable in the shoes and the stiff upper holds your feet comfortably in place.
As these shoes are available in low, medium and high cut versions, you’ll find differing levels of ankle support depending on which you choose.

Nike’s proprietary Air Technology protects you from the impact of heavy footfalls.

It also provides great energy return with each step, allowing you to move further for less energy expenditure!

Nike Air Force 1


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Final Thoughts On Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers

Nike Air Force 1s are a great choice if you’re looking for comfortable everyday sneakers for everyday life. If you are thinking about these, please check out our Air Force 1 sizing guide.

With their sports pedigree, they’re durable, comfortable and supportive. Sure, there are better shoes to wear on a basketball court these days, but that doesn’t take away from the impact AF1s have had on the sneaker industry.

This shoe is a symbol of sneaker culture and is likely to retain its spot on the pedestal for generations to come.

Air Force 1s can be worn with almost any outfit to almost any occasion. The base models are budget-friendly and available almost anywhere.

There’s no need to spend hours queuing up in the hope of copping a decent pair!