New Balance Fresh Foam Roav


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General Impression

These sneakers are available in a wide or standard fit. The issue is that there are many contradicting opinions about whether they are true to size.

You’ve probably come across talks about the sizing inconsistencies if you’ve done some research or asked around.

After trying them out, we think the difference in opinion depends on whether a person has wide or narrow feet.

For instance, most people with wide feet will claim they’re true to size. On the other hand, runners with narrow feet will tell you that they run large.

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Pros and Cons


  • Great for all-day wear
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Good breathability
  • Affordable price for a versatile pair of sneakers
  • Comfortable design


  • Not enough arch support
  • The sneakers get wet quickly
  • They’re not suitable for long-distance running

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav Review

If you’re searching for a great-looking pair of athleisure shoes, then the New Balance Fresh Foam Roavs might be an excellent fit.

Aside from their visual appeal, they have features that make them feel underpriced. We found them exceptionally comfortable, breathable, and versatile for sneakers under $100.

Upper Unit

The Fresh Foam Roav sneakers have a breathable synthetic and mesh upper.

We didn’t need to break in the shoes because the material was comfortable and flexible. Our testers liked the leg coverage and how the sneakers fit various foot shapes and sizes.

Even though the upper has a band in the middle, it doesn’t restrict the shoes’ ventilation. The perforated textile is enough for the shoes to pass the smoke breathability test.

These sneakers are great when sunny. However, the material isn’t ideal for rainy days because water easily passes through.

New Balance built a collar and tongue into the upper. The sneakers felt snug and supportive due to the upper’s bootie construction. Our testers liked the customized feel they got from the stretch webbing.

People have mixed reactions to the sewn-in upper. Some claim that the tongue folds up and presses the top of your foot when the laces are tightened. Even so, most runners don’t mind that the tongue is unadjustable.

We felt the lacing was secure because they stayed tied throughout the test. 

You can tighten the laces when training or loosen them when you want a pair of slip-ins. Some of our testers replaced them with elastic trail running laces because they needed more room.

We like the fit of the sneakers, especially how the upper conforms to the foot.

Our testers comfortably spent the day in them, thanks to the roomy toe box. Their toes never felt cramped even after all those hours.

Overall, the sneakers have a great balance of flexibility, comfort, and stability.

Sole Unit

The Fresh Foam midsole is why users can’t get enough of these lightweight cushioned sneakers. It runs from the heel to the front of the foot, making the shoes responsive enough to pass the curb test.

Our testers enjoyed a soft cloud-like ride because of the midsole. According to New Balance, the shoe tech is meant to help people adapt to any situation or condition when running or working out.

For durability, the Fresh Foam Roav sneakers have Ndurance rubber outsole technology. They won’t wear out quickly, allowing you to get more out of the shoes.

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav


Our Score

Why this product?

Ndurance rubber also provides additional grip and makes the sole tread flexible.

Our testers liked the traction of the sneakers both on and off-road. However, we advise against wearing them in the winter because their grip is poor in the snow.

Sizing & Fit

Your size selection should depend on whether you need a secure or loose fit. Our testers found them snug and sock-like. You can order a pair that’s true to size for the gym or upsize for casual wear if you have wide feet.

If you have narrow feet, consider ordering a half size down. Choosing the right size could mean the difference between using and storing away these comfortable mid-range trainers.

The shoes also have a removable insole which improves their overall fit. You can replace them or add an extra pair of insoles underneath for additional cushioning.

After several tests, we concluded that the upper lacks protective features. It’s made of fabric, so it’s not very durable. Some reviewers mentioned that their sneakers had a hole in mesh after a few months.

We suggest that you avoid using the Fresh Foam Roavs for intense or high-impact activities if you want them to last.

Style-wise, there’s no denying that these are a pair of head-turning New Balance sneakers. They come in different color combinations that will step up your shoe game.

However, you’ll still need to be careful with the color selection. A few reviews suggested that different colors fit differently.

Additional Information

The Fresh Foam Roav sneakers have an eye-catching Ultra Heel design.

New Balance likes to brag that the heel performs as great as it looks.

The design contributes to the shoes’ snug, supportive fit since it hugs the back of the foot.

Walking in them requires minimal effort because they are easy to maneuver.

The unique heel and midsole are why these sneakers are highly recommended by people with flat feet, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. 

They offer a springy step without being too bouncy, making them great for users with foot pain. The sneakers can save your back and knees from discomfort if you suffer from such conditions.

New Balance Fresh Foam Roav


Our Score

Why this product?


The Fresh Foam Roav sneakers are sleek and cozy enough to dress up or wear on a long flight.

Although New Balance prioritized comfort and responsiveness in their design, they aren’t suitable for intensive workouts.

They might not be the ideal performance running shoes, but they are great for walks or light training. They’re also perfect for when you need to walk or stand throughout the day.

Grab a pair if you need quality lifestyle trainers or gym shoes.