Hoka Sky Kaha GTX Hiking Boots


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Kaha is a Māori word that stands for strength and support. And that’s exactly what you’ll get from these Hoka hiking boots.

The Kaha GTX are durable hikers that offer maximum protection from the upper to the sole. They are among the few super-cushioned heavy-duty hiking boots on the market.

In this review, you’ll find out why most people claim these Hoka boots enhanced their hiking experience.

Pros and Cons of the Hoka Kaha Hiking Boots


  • Sneaker-like comfort
  • Durable and supportive upper
  • Excellent lacing system with an extra eyelet for foot lockdown
  • Durable outsole with great traction
  • Waterproof GTX design


  • The toe box could be roomier for people with wide feet
  • Upper is slightly heavy
  • Could be more breathable for hot weather conditions


The boots have a waterproof leather upper for durability and support. They feature a Gore-Tex bootie, making them great for different terrain and weather.

Gore-tex technology consists of a waterproof membrane that keeps water and snow from entering your boots. The membrane also has pores smaller than water droplets for breathability.

The upper is well padded, more than most running shoes.

It’s so comfortable that it has a premium feel to it. The padded collar and tongue also help secure the fit.

It features a protective toe cap and a reinforced heel to help hikers navigate through rocks and other abrasive elements.

One reviewer said he loved the boots because they create a safe environment for his feet.

We had no issues with the lacing system. It was easy to control the tension in the laces, especially due to the low friction eyelets.

Hikers can also adjust the laces for a lockdown fit.


The Kaha Gore-Tex features a multi-layered cushioned midsole. Its top Eva layer offers a comfortable plush feel. While the bottom creates a protective, supportive base with durable cushioning.

Its firm midsole has the right amount of softness for impact absorption.

Despite the high stack of cushioning, the boots are stable because of the broad platform.

One reviewer said the Kaha’s give him instant confidence whenever he hit the trails. Many agreed that the boots could tackle just about anything.

The testers who wore the Kaha GTX for the first time said it was a new experience.

They found them pleasantly cushioned for a pair of hiking boots.

It’s expected since most traditional hiking boots have a firm sole with minimal cushioning.

These hiking boots are game-changers for people with serious knee or hip issues.

They can now enjoy long backpacking trips and extended hikes like they used to.

One elderly reviewer was excited because they could comfortably do a 5-mile day with the Kaha’s.

Hoka Sky Kaha GTX Hiking Boots


Our Score

Why this product?

Reviewers with the same issues don’t see themselves returning to regular hiking boots after their Hoka experience.

The Kaha boots feature a Vibram Megagrip outsole. The high-performance rubber compound is durable and works great on dry and wet terrains. Its exceptional traction makes the boots ideal for various outdoor activities, from trekking to hiking.

Aside from their ground adaptability, Vibram Megagrip outsoles are also known for being stable and flexible.

Many hikers said it was easy to face any terrain with these boots. The multidirectional lugs on the outsole boosted their control on varied terrain.


Unlike running shoes, testing the Hoka hiking boots took more time because we wanted to try them out in various conditions.

We managed to hike through rugged terrain, wet, muddy trails, and even climbed over debris, among other things.

There were mixed reactions about the Gore-Tex upper. Those who hiked in cool or wet weather loved how their feet stayed dry and comfortable.

One tester exposed the Kahas to water for an extended period. Even though the leather got wet, the water didn’t leak into the boots.

On the other hand, those in warm and wet conditions thought the boots could use more ventilation. They said the upper retained heat while hiking on hot days.

Even though they loved the boots, they were concerned that they would not be ideal for people living in hotter climates.

We didn’t have the luxury of testing them in the snow, but one reviewer said the thick cushioned sole acted as a great insulator from the cold. In the end, everyone agreed that the boots were great for year-round hiking.

When hiking on flat terrain, one tester noted the rolling movement of his foot was more effective because of the boot’s overall geometry and Hoka’s Meta-Rocker technology.


The Kaha’s exceptionally handled both rugged and flat trails from our tests. They offered a high level of protection, traction, and support without weighing down our team.

Their sturdy build and heavy cushioning made them seem heavy. But like most Hoka shoes, they were comfortably lightweight. Once you try them out, you’ll struggle with typical hiking boots since most of them are stiff and heavy.

The Kaha boots don’t come in narrow or wide-width options. So it was interesting to see how they’d fit our testers.

Most of them said the boots were nice and roomy. Though our wide-footed testers found them a little snug at first, they eventually adjusted to the width. They were happy they didn’t experience the same issues they usually have with standard shoes.

Our testers said the fit gets better with time. They didn’t need to break in the boots as the leather upper conformed to their feet.

One of our people experienced some heel slippage. However, the loose fit didn’t cause any hotspots or blisters. We think it’s because the smooth material in the inner bootie doesn’t cause any friction.

He fixed the looseness by using the outermost top eyelet when lacing. This secured the fit, and he no longer had trouble going uphill or downhill. The laces also stayed tied as he hiked.

Hoka Sky Kaha GTX Hiking Boots


Our Score

Why this product?


The Kaha GTX hiking boots will get you through tough trails and rough conditions. Thanks to Hoka’s Meta rocker technology and Vibram outsole, you’ll enjoy unbeatable stability over any terrain at any hiking pace.

You can look forward to a cushioned ride with plenty of support and extra protection for extended hikes and backpacking trips.

Try them out if you need reliable all-around lightweight hiking boots.