Hoka Carbon X 2


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General Impression

The Hoka Carbon X2 model is ideal for long-distance running, combining a soft, lightweight foam with the same foam rubber sole as the previous model.

When creating the updated Hoka Carbon X2, the emphasis was placed on the fit.

They are distinguished by the elegant shape of the cuff, the serrated tongue, and the upper made of technological mesh with sewn TPU threads and additional reinforcement around the laces. Sneakers provide a soft, stable, and responsive run.

The large midsole base of the Carbon X 2 provides outstanding stability, making it one of the most stable super sneakers currently available.

Hoka Carbon X 2 Pros and Cons


  • Improved dynamics
  • Good breathability
  • Comfortable
  • Good shock absorption
  • Users will find they enjoy a more stable run with the large midsole base


  • High cost
  • Heavy
  • Narrow
  • Rubberised EVA outsole wears down quickly

Hoka Carbon X 2 Review

The Hoka Carbon X 2 is the first super-shoe made of carbon fiber, introduced in 2021 for the benefit of super athletes.

It was designed using a neutral, medial, and lateral wear pattern specifically for the ultra-marathon runner.

The Carbon X2 is a sneaker that is suitable for all kinds of running due to its toe box step for improved movement anywhere.

Running in this high-performance training or race day shoe provides a level of comfort and protection that will allow runners to thrive without slowing them down.

Athletes found they performed at much faster tempos thanks to the ProFly midsole and carbon fiber plate.

If you plan to run a half or full marathon anytime soon, the Hoka Carbon X 2 is definitely worth checking out.

The Carbon X 2’s underfoot protection is outstanding. This shoe boasts a great combination of softness, stability, and responsiveness, thanks to the addition of a larger stack.

The Carbon X 2 is designed to keep runners comfortable while they speed through their workouts.

In 2019, when the original Carbon X was introduced, Jim Walmsley smashed the 50-mile world record while wearing a pair of Carbon Xs to demonstrate their authenticity.

A popular shoe for both racing and training, the Carbon X has grown in popularity since then.

This is due to four primary factors:

  1. The pricing is reasonable for a carbon-plated super-shoe.
  2. It has a comfy upper with ample space for your toes to spread.
  3. Its midsole is significantly more resilient than the super foams utilized in other super sneakers.
  4. It is more stable than the usual shoe with carbon plating.

The Carbon X-SPE was released earlier this year with only a modest upgrade to the upper.

The Carbon X 2 has been enhanced with a new, softer midsole. It now has a thinner layer of rubberized EVA on the bottom and a thicker layer of compression-molded EVA on the top.


The upper of the Carbon X sneakers are made of synthetic mesh along the entire length. There are reinforcing seams around the heel of the foot, which, with proper lacing, help securely hold the heel inside the sneakers.

Runners’ favourite aspect of the upper is the wide reflective patch on the tongue, which serves as a visual cue that the shoe is to be worn for training purposes despite having a carbon plate.


Profly™ technology is used in the sole – it is a combination of several layers of foam of different densities.

The upper part of the midsole consists of soft and elastic Profly X foam, which is responsible for cushioning. The lower section of the midsole is made up of a denser EVA with the addition of rubber. This is responsible for additional energy return and stabilization of the sneaker and also performs the function of a sole.

The full-size carbon plate provides incredible elasticity and stability, making running economical and pushing even more effective.

The special pattern of the outsole guarantees a reliable grip on the surface.

Hoka Carbon X 2


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Why this product?


The Hoka Carbon X 2 is a high-performance super shoe that is regularly used to run ultramarathons.

What’s more, its updated using a softer midsole and a minimal upper to ensure optimal comfort over longer distances.

Non-elite runners often find they benefit from the shoe’s extra width in the midfoot and rearfoot.

The Carbon X 2’s outsole lacks blown and carbon rubber, which makes it ideal for sneaking up behind runners to overtake them. You can expect soft, padded landings.

Compared to Hoka Carbon X

The previous model, Hoka One One Carbon X, is a neutral running shoe designed for a variety of hard-coated surfaces. In general, the shoes have won the hearts of users due to their structure, appearance, and performance.

Rubberized foam is embedded in the Carbon X sole. This is important to ensure a more responsive, easy, and impressive contact with the ground.

Ensuring breathability through the forefoot area is the exclusive responsibility of a single-layer special upper mesh. This material plays an important role in maintaining freshness and dryness in sneakers.

In general, Carbon X is an excellent choice for users who are looking for a comfortable and attractive sneaker.

On the other hand, the Carbon X 2 offers a noticeably smoother ride than the first. The Carbon X 2’s new midsole is softer and more responsive, making it ideal for a wide range of running styles.

The Carbon X 2 has a little longer length but a narrower fit.

You might be surprised to feel the midsole flex grooves through the thin insole. That said, the Carbon X 2’s smooth underfoot feel isn’t for everyone, even though it didn’t detract from its performance in any way.

The Meta-Rocker and carbon plate design provide a pleasant running experience that comes alive during faster runs, even though most runners wish for a little more spring from the shoes.

Hoka Carbon X 2


Our Score

Why this product?


These light and fast sneakers are excellent for competitions and high-speed work in training. In Hoka Carbon X 2, the foot takes the optimal position for running due to the minimal difference between the heel and toe. This reduces the load on the Achilles tendons, calf muscles, and back.