Hoka Carbon X


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General Impression

The Hoka Carbon X is an affordable carbon-plated marathon shoe. Everything about it is amazing, and there’s nothing to dislike. It’s soft (like a Hoka) and speedy. Very durable and sturdy for a race shoe!

The top layer of foam provides comfort, while the bottom layer enhances performance. The carbon plate is sandwiched between these two layers of foam. On the road, these shoes were surprisingly comfy, despite the rigid carbon plate.

Runners with broad feet will find it the perfect match for them due to the minimally designed uppers that offer what they need. It’s breathable, lightweight, and secures the foot in place without being bulky.

Hoka Carbon X Pros and Cons

It’s not very light in the carbon plate space, weighing 8.7 ounces for a size 9, but its speed technologies make up for the weight.

Honestly, there’s a lot going on here, some pros, some cons.

Let’s consider some of these.


  • Accurately sized
  • Perfect control
  • Excellent upper-body fit
  • Soft landing
  • No break-in period


  • It’s a little heavy
  • Unreliable outsole
  • It’s not ideal for lazy days
  • When switching between racer and trainer, you may feel uneasy

Hoka Carbon X Review

The Carbon X looks like a typical Hoka sneaker from the outside. There’s a lot of padding here. A 32mm heel-toe stack height and a 30mm and 25mm for women’s shoes, respectively, are used for the men’s version.

This shoe’s Profly X cushioning remains continuous throughout the shoe’s length.

There is a soft EVA compound on top of the carbon plate and a tougher, rubberized EVA substance on the bottom. When you run, you don’t see the plate beneath your foot, but you do get a slight boost from the plate’s shape.

The PROFILE X foam, which is both light and flexible, provides a soft landing and a strong repulsive force for a steady and responsive running experience.


  • Carbon X is recommended for Hoka fans looking for an aggressive but cushioned shoe for speedwork and races.
  • This shoe’s carbon fiber plate in the midsole helps you generate a powerful toe-off.
  • Under the carbon plate, the rubberized EVA acts as the outsole, while the soft EVA foam above the plate cushions the foot.
  • Some runners find the heel-toe transition to be excessively fast and forceful, while others find it smooth and energising for their workout.
  • The Early-stage Meta-Rocker pivots just behind the ball of your foot.
  • The Hoka Carbon X’s curvature allows runners to better utilize their glutes by aligning their hips up and forward.

Hoka Carbon X Upper Unit

The upper unit of the shoe is made of a lightweight and airy mesh material, and it also has an amplified rocker design, a lightweight Lycra tongue gusset, and a cored mesh tongue for enhanced breathability. The entire forefoot is ventilated with a single-layer synthetic mesh upper.

The stitching on the sneaker’s back part ensures a tight fit at the heel and a firm grip on the ankle.

The centre of the foot is held in place by elastic straps that attach to a large, soft tongue within the sneaker.

The laces themselves are long enough to tie a double knot, a runner’s knot, or any other alternative manner, and a small reflective element is positioned at the base of the lacing system in the upper half.

Hoka Carbon X Sole Unit

The carbon fiber plate sits at the heart of the Hoka Carbon X sneakers. Separate parts of the shoe’s front plate are created by dividing the midplate of the shoe.

Also, the plate has a “Y” shape. The Carbon X’s unique shape allows it to perform a variety of functions that set it apart from other sneakers.

Firstly, this plate offers flexibility in the forefoot during jogging.

Second, it should create a hinge effect, which the early stages of Hoka One One’s Meta-Rocker technology did. This forces you to switch to the middle of your foot.

Due to the sensitive push of the carbon fiber plate and the fast rotation that comes from it, the fingers are further away from the ground.

Hoka Carbon X


Our Score

Why this product?

This plate is supported by a lightweight and responsive foam core, the Hoka ProFlyX. Durability is enhanced by the rubberized foam positioned beneath the plate. The tread’s huge block of rubberized foam with microscopic depressions maintains the required grip.

Stitching reinforces the heel area, which feels wonderful and keeps the foot in position properly, but makes it harder to put on the Carbon X.

One solution is a huge loop at the heel of the shoe that can be used as a pull tab.


The Hoka Carbon X is made for runners with more experience and a preference for a forefoot or midfoot strike.

The carbon fiber plate and meta rocker feel will be ideal for these runners, but they’ll have a negative effect on other runners. Running in it on race day or in training is no problem.

So if you’re a fan of running shoes with a lot of pop, this is the shoe for you. But it’s a delicate balancing act between firmness and comfort.

This shoe is ideal for road ultras, steady long runs, half-marathons or full marathons, and progression runs.

Due to the high stacks, it will struggle at interval or repeat pace.

Hoka Carbon X


Our Score

Why this product?


The Hoka One One Carbon X is a brand-new carbon-plate shoe that may be worn on training days as well as race days. With regards to long distance running, the Carbon X is an excellent shoe. However, it is hefty underfoot.

They’re racing shoes that can be used for some workouts. It’s like having a race-only sports car. The Hoka Carbon X typically lasts 350-400 miles.

Regardless, this is a zippy shoe with ample cushioning that is perfect for any runner looking for a solid running experience.