Asics Gel Pulse 11


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General Impression

These eleventh-generation Asics Gel Pulse sneakers are solid running shoes.

Nothing exceptional, but some nice comfort features and good running tech. A strong choice if you want a budget option for travel, daily runs, or your first running shoes.

Like the rest of the Gel Pulse line, the 11s are durable, practical, and stylish. The mesh is well-ventilated and comfortable on the foot.

The sole is outstanding for this price point, with some of the best shock absorption and energy return on the market.

Asics Gel Pulse 11 Pros and Cons


  • The sneakers have flexible grooves to help guide the user’s feet
  • Lightweight on the foot
  • The shoes are budget-friendly
  • Corrects running gait
  • Excellent moisture management


  • Lack of support for pronation
  • Needs better laces
  • Flexibility varies in cold and warm conditions

Asics Gel Pulse 11 Review

The Asics Gel Pulse 11 sneakers are long-distance running shoes that offer great value for money.

They’re an updated version of the Gel Pulse 10s, making them excellent performance sneakers with many improved features.


The seamless mesh upper is soft at the front with more structured sections at the rear.

It has two layers of mesh material to make the sneakers more durable and flexible.

Compared to the Pulse 10s, this mesh upper is softer and more breathable.

The improved ventilation prevents your feet from getting sweaty.

You’ll stay cool and dry for the longest time.

Asics updated the collar around the ankle with softer material for added comfort.

Thanks to the padding, the sneakers are snug and fit like a glove.

We noticed that the padding firmly stabilizes the foot inside the shoe.

The lace closure also contributes to the Pulse 11s improved foot support.


The midsole has two types of shoe tech. The goal of the tech is to help runners save more energy and use less effort when running.

Guidance Line midsole technology increases one’s performance. It reduces the imbalance caused when shifting your center of pressure while running.

The tech features vertical grooves that run through the outsole.

Our testers noticed that pressure is concentrated in these grooves when kicking off or landing. They liked how their running forms became more balanced and efficient.

Next, we have the AmpliFoam midsole technology. This tech is why we really liked the shoes. It’s much lighter and more comfortable than EVA foam.

Best of all, it gives the sneakers great platform adaptability.

Asics Gel Pulse 11


Our Score

Why this product?

The AmpliFoam midsole held up pretty well after several tests. We noticed that it offers better flexibility compared to traditional EVA foam. The 11s also have improved bounce-back characteristics. The midsole tech and SpEVA material improve the rebound by 20%

Like the Pulse 10s, these sneakers feature the visible Rearfoot GEL cushioning system. We enjoyed smooth transitions and softer landings on our runs. With such great cushioning, we rate the Pulse 11s highly for underfoot comfort.

Even though they’re comfortable, we noticed that they feel a bit rigid when it’s extremely cold. Their flexibility is limited because the midsole design doesn’t allow for a change in shape.

The sneakers have an AHAR (Asics High Abrasion Resistant) rubber sole. It’s the same type of durable rubber used for car tires. So we are confident that the outsole won’t break down easily.

AHAR rubber also improves the outsole’s grip. We were very satisfied with the results when we tested the sneakers on dry and wet surfaces.

Unlike most Asics sneakers, the Pulse 11s don’t have the Guidance Trusstic technology. They’re still quite stable because of the design of the sole.


Our testers compared the Asics Gel Pulse 11 to the Pulse 10s. The major difference between them is the cushioning under and around the foot. After several tests, we can confirm that the Pulse 11s’ upgrades focus on the sneaker’s fit.

During our research, most reviews claimed that the sneakers were true to size. Only a handful of people had varying opinions. Our testers also claim that they are true to width.

We found that the Pulse 11 sneakers have more room around the forefoot. Their roomy toe box makes them suitable for different foot sizes. We enjoyed all-day comfort thanks to this updated fit.

Through the tests, we noticed that the Pulse 11s have an increased toe spring. They offer a cozier ride from heel-strike to toe-off compared to the Pulse 10s.

We found that they have higher rebound properties because of the Ortholite X-40 sockliner. The premium sockliner also increases the breathability of the shoes, thanks to its moisture management properties.

The shoe inserts work well but you can still replace them if you find them lacking. Our testers had no complaints about the arch support. Most of them have medium to high arches.

We felt that the sneakers have excellent weight distribution. They’re great as neutral running shoes, but they don’t offer enough stability control for overpronators.

The Pulse 11s passed most of our tests. You could wear them for eight hours and still feel comfortable on your feet. One reviewer felt the same because they kept his ankles, calves, and knees from bearing the brunt of a long day.

Asics Gel Pulse 11


Our Score

Why this product?


The Asics Gel Pulse 11s are quality neutral running shoes with exceptional energy return. They are practical, efficient, and will last for hundreds of miles.

The sneakers are budget-friendly since they cost less than $100. Asics’ shoe technology gives them excellent cushioning and improves the runner’s overall performance.

We liked that we could wear them without breaking them in and still enjoy a comfortable ride. They also have a moderate, comfortable heel-to-toe drop.

Our testers didn’t experience any joint pain after several hours. We recommend the 11s for people whose backs and legs are constantly sore after working out. You can buy these shoes if you spend most days on your feet or need adequate cushioning for foot pain.

The sneakers are stylish and come in twelve different colors. Grab a pair if you want lightweight, supportive, and comfortable performance running shoes.